We can offer a wide range of contemporary and traditional lines allowing you to create the look that is right for your home.

Home Office

A Home Office Is About Creating Personal Space…

Working from home, either full-time or part-time, is the reality of a growing number of people. The home/ work environment does improve when there is a dedicated and planned area where work can be carried out efficiently. This means lap tops, computers, printers and monitors are set up, reference books and stationery are stored and shelved in the right place. When you are in your office you are at work.

Hillside Interiors have designed and fitted numerous home offices and bed studies. Some have been purely for business or studying from home others a den to watch the rugby and house golf trophies or in the guest- room to access the net and contact the grandchildren. Whether it is a boardroom or the box room we can make that area work for you.

A major part of the design service offered by Hillside Interiors is to ask searching questions about how you work – are you contained or do you tend to spread out? How much desk space and leg space is required? Do you prefer to have office equipment to hand or housed in cupboards? Are your books to be seen on shelves, put behind glass doors or out of sight? Do you prefer box files or suspended files, plenty of drawers or more base and worktop cupboards? Do you have a collection of vinyl records or photo albums to house? What height do you prefer the desk to be? We ask questions so the answers are designed into your home office.

Quality 25 / 30mm desktops and shelves give a substantial feel to the furniture and are excellent bookcase shelves. Bookcases are floor to ceiling, worktop or wall height and are adjustable. The carcass is colour matched and 18mm therefore practical, strong and long lasting. The printer cupboard and flip down keyboard drawer have a pull out shelf making it easy and tidy to use.

The door style can be contemporary or traditional, whatever best reflects your taste. The a popular choice of colours for a home office are French walnut, light or pippy oak, Milano cherry, stylo walnut and dark walnut all giving a rich and warm feeling to the area. All colours and styles options are available and office storage can even be fitted behind sliding doors. Bed studies successfully combine elements from bedroom and office design offering a perfect environment for a student bedroom or little used guest-room.